Scouts is for young people aged between 11 and 15 years. At this point in their lives Scouts show great enthusiasm for activities that give them a sense of achievement and follow their special interests with intensity. Trained leaders use these characteristics to help make scouting an experience in which young people gain character- developing qualities while having fun. During their years in Scouts they aim to earn a series of badges, which give them a knowledge of basic scouting skills and mark achievements in areas such as citizenship, camp craft, air and water activities and improving the environment.

Scouts Calender 2011


3rd Cancelled due to wet weather
 10th Cancelled due to wet weather
17th Parade & Procedures
20th Founders Day Swimming Carnival
23rd Orienteering Night at the Strand
24th No Scouts due to Orienteering Night
 3rd Navigation
10th Cooking
17th JCU Astro Adventures
24th Camp Activity/Camp Preperation
26th Scout Leadership Course
27th Scout Leadership Course
31st Mini Olympics
7th School Holiday Break
14th School Holiday Break
21st First Aid/Citizenship
   28th Mothers Day Craft


Group Mothers Day Night
5th No Scouts
 12th Knotting
14th/15th JOTT/KRASH
19th Fire & Fuel
26th Bowling Night
2nd Snake Man
9th Hike Preparation
11/12/13th DCK Hike Paluma
16th Movie & Pizza Night
23rd Patrol Games
25/26th Nighthawk
30th School Holiday Break
7th School Holiday Break


21st Fitness Night
28th Mini Gold
1st World Scout Day
4th No Scouts this week
6/7th World Scout Day Camp & Celebration
11th No Scouts this week
18th Troop Quiz Night
20/21st Abseiling Proficiency Badge
25th Environment Badge
1st Raft Building
3rd Regatta
8th Camping Night/Tent Pitching
15th Progressive Dinner
22nd School Holiday Break
29th School Holiday Break
6th Mixed Bag
13th Team Bonding Night
15/16th JOTA/JOTI
20th Tripod Construction
27th Scavenger Night
28/30th Pioneer Water Activities
28/30th Explorer Water Activities

Patrol Challenge

10th Fire & Police
17th Christmas Craft
24th Swimming at the Strand
1st Aussie Christmas
3rd Group Christmas Breakup Party


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